The 10 Most Dynamic Lamp Designs of All Time

lampsChange the mood of the viewers from somber to cheerful. It only emphasizes why you would like to be choosy when shopping for lamps. It is amazing how a small shift in the lighting arrangement, color scheme and brightness level can change the appearance of your home or office from banal to elegant and

To make your job easier we have picked 10 most attractive lamp designs from a plethora of designs available in the market.

1. The Mushroom Lamp: Shaped like mushrooms, this beautiful LED lamp comes with colourful umbrellas.

2. Kundalini’s Abyss Table Lamp: It is a flexible string of LED’s in eye catching casing which can be turned and twisted in shapes of your choice.

3. Hurdle Lighting: It can stand horizontally like a race hurdle or vertically like a table lamp. It automatically adjusts the light beam according to its position.

4. Troja Arc Lamp: The eye catching Troja Arc Lamp is designed to illuminate large areas. As the name suggests, it looks like an arc of light.

5. Ociu Light: Suspended from the ceiling, this umbrella like lamp with a diameter of 6 feet looks like an elegant canopy made of light.

6. The Light Drop: A drop of light seems to fall from a water tap. You can control the brightness just as you control flow of water from the tap!

7. Memento Lamp: This cubical lamp creates shadows shaped as numerical.

8. Alien: It looks like the genie emerging from a bottle. It adds mystery to the surroundings.

9. Clear Reading Lamp: It is a thoughtfully designed reading lamp, which has space to hold the book you are currently reading!

10. Torn Lighting: The torn lighting conceals the LED’s and creates an impression that light is percolating from holes torn into your wall.

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