5 Weatherproof Installation Styles of Outdoor LED Lighting

Effective outdoor lighting can really bring the external spaces of your home to life. Whether you’re installing for safety purposes, or to highlight and enhance a garden area, these five weatherproof LED styles may give you some inspiration.Outdoor Lighting

Accent lighting: Both functional and decorative, this can be useful to light any steps on your driveway, or other areas that may be a safety hazard at night. Good, clear lighting around your front porch and door is recommended for being able to see night-time callers clearly.

Decorative and fun: It doesn’t have to be hard white; play with colorful strips to highlight areas of your garden. A soft blue can give a romantic grotto effect.pvc-12v-led-par36-well-light-w-adjustable-gimbal

Unusual effects: Do you have a walkway with rocks, or glass chips? Outdoor strips placed underneath will give an extraordinary mini-searchlight effect. Play with cool and warm effects, and different colors to get the result you want.

Stair safety: If you have outdoor steps, you’re probably at the very least had a near-miss after dark, if not a fall. A strip lighting under each step will make them as safe as during the day, and enable you to see any other potential slip or trip hazards.solid-brass-led-par36-directional-light

Entertaining: If you have an outdoor patio or deck area which you use a great deal both for family and entertaining during the warmer months, you’ve probably already considered lighting options for it. However, a strip of LED lighting in a color of your choice along the railing will subtly illuminate your parties without being too intrusive.



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